CapitalPort Louis


LanguagesEnglish, French and Creole

TimezoneGMT +4 Hours

CurrencyMauritian Rupees

Electricity220-240 volts AC 50 Hz


Republic of Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, 2000 kilometers from the east coast of the African continent. The country consists of two islands, Mauritius and Rodrigues along with two disputed outer islands. The nation’s tourism is entirely focused on the main island Mauritius.

A result of volcanic activity some 8 million years ago, this geological marvel is home to 150 kilometers of white beaches, a broken ring of mountain ranges raising as high as 800 meters and streams and rivers that speckle the islands. Within it lives some of the world’s rarest plants animals. Today, the ancient forests are concentrated in the Black River Gorges National Park, Bambous Mountain Range and Moka Port Louis Ranges. The country’s most famous bird indigenous birds was the Dodo, unfortunately extinct. A holiday in Mauritius can we be a wonderfully varied experienced and offers endless opportunity to explore its natural beauty as well as to enjoy the famous beaches.

The bounties of Mauritius do not end there, its cultural make up is unique. Founded first by Arab sailors and in more recent history colonized by the Dutch, French and the British resulting in a melting pot of beautifully interwoven cultures. The best of which is it’s Indo-French Creole cuisine. Mauritius is truly an all-encompassing holiday destination with plenty to go around for families, honeymooners and the single traveler. 


Mauritius located in the Tropic of Capricorn and has a tropical climate with two seasons. A warm humid summer from November to April with temperatures averaging at 25°C and a dry cool winter from June to September with an average temperature of 21°C. The country has no marked rainy season, but most of the rainfall is experienced in the summer months. It is an all year round destination with seas a balmy 22-27°C, and with slightly more windy conditions on the east coast (?) during the months of ? (T Bag will know)


Mauritius situated 2000 kilometers off the south east of continental Africa. It is a result of a volcanic eruption 8 million years ago. The relatively young island is part of Mascarene Islands along with Rorigues, Agalega, Saint Brandon and La Reunion. The biggest and the administrative island is Mauritius where all tourism and economic activity take place.