Sri Lanka



LanguagesSinhalese, Tamil, English

TimezoneGMT +5.5

CurrencySri Lankan Rupees

Electricity240 AC


Sri Lanka, the tear drop of India is a gem hiding in plain sight and has become as increasingly popular destination since the end of the civil war.

Located just off the Equator the country offers a stunning range of geographical landscapes, boasting 1600 kilometers of endless coastline, 2243-meter tall mountains, and rolling hills filled with tea plantations, rainforests and waterfalls. Sri Lanka is  one of the world’s top five biodiversity hotspots with eight UNESCO sites and is home to a variety of wild life including elephants, leopards, blue whales and countless tropical birds.

Also illustrious for its 3000-year-old history, the country preserves some of the world’s most ancient cities and kingdoms within ‘The Cultural Triangle’ marked by Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy. 

With such diverse landscapes, Sri Lanka can offer a great variety of activities, which ranges from surfing, biking, kayaking, white water rafting, and hot air ballooning to tealeaf picking and wild life safaris.

The best part of the country however is the welcoming hospitality of its people and its delicious cuisine, making a destination you must visit. 

Location and Geography

Sri Lanka is 37 degrees north of the equator off the southern tip of India. It lies on the great historical spice route that connected ancient civilizations from China to Persia. Sri Lanka itself is steeped in history with remaining glories of its past in major attraction sites. 

Weather and Climate

Sri Lanka experience warm tropical temperatures all year around with two monsoon winds bringing in rain to different corners of Sri Lanka at various periods of the year. 

The South Western coasts are sunny and sea is calm from November to March, while the Eastern coasts such as Arugam Bay serves up great swells for the surfing enthusiast. From the months of April to September the waves in the East Coast quells down and there is uninterrupted sunshine.

The temperatures are cooler high up in the tea country in East Central Sri Lanka as the altitude increases but it is still mild enough to get away with wearing just a jumper.