Sanka Wijeyakulasuriya | Sri Lanka Country Manager

Born and bred in Sri Lanka, I have been travelling around the island for the past 30 years. I was always attracted to the lesser known destinations where hidden cultural sites await to be discovered. Mud House, Santani and Ulpotha are very special boutique properties that I love going back to over and over again. From the day I started out in the industry, it has been amazing to see how the island's tourism evolved in the last 15 years from a mass market destination to a high end boutique one, with many villas and luxury properties coming up all around the country. I still find myself getting on board a vintage train travelling around the country without a destination and getting out at any station I feel like, and figuring out what to do next from there onward. This is one of the best ways I experience the local culture and find out new avenues to promote the island. For me, getting lost is the ideal way to discover Sri Lanka!