Rizwan Moosa | Reservations Consultant

When you are a Maldivian it is hard not to love the ocean and the beauty that comes with it. Being an ocean lover, it is truly a pleasure to be working in the travel industry. At times, I wonder why I have not moved from this industry since I was a teenage boy, maybe it is the pleasure that comes with identifying, differentiating and embracing the beautiful world that surrounds us. During the past 10 years with Hummingbird Travel I have been to many Maldivian resorts and experienced many excursions.I love all-inclusive resorts, they are simple and stress free, and of course the best part for me is the endless food! Although it is hard to choose from so many, I would say Constance Moofushi is my favourite resort in the Maldives so far.It has been an amazing journey to be here with this team doing what we do! When I am not at work, I love fishing and snorkelling but most of all I love football and If you hear that I left hummingbird and the travel industry, it is most probably because I became an international football star!!