Mariyam Zeenath | Reservations Manager

I have been with Hummingbird for 9 years now and I am proud to be part of such an amazing company. I love the work I do and it has given me the opportunity to travel, meet new people and experience some of the world’s best hotels. Over the years I have built strong relationships with the hoteliers, who I work closely with to make sure our clients get the best service possible. Being a proud Maldivian, my favorite holiday destination is Maldives but I cannot really pick one favourite out of all the hotels we offer. Soneva Fushi however will be one hotel that I will choose to stay again and again, I will never get bored of its eco-chic villas and Robinson Cruseo style. Outside of work, you can find me following my passions in cooking, designing and making dresses for my friends and daughter.