Arianna Bove

Travel Consultant
The quote I love most is from St. Augustine, who said “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”, and this is a bit the philosophy of my life. I started to work in the tourism industry in 2007, and I feel so glad to have had the chance to work and live in so many places in the world, from Greece to Turkey, from Mexico to Maldives. My passion for travel has become my job, and I consider myself so lucky for this! Every trip for me is a chance to live unique experiences, and I want to help people to feel the same.
  • Last Visited: Amalfi Coast
  • Favourite Destination: Mexico
  • Favourite Resort: Island Hideaway
  • Bucket List: Indonesia and Australia
  • Insider Tip: Whenever you travel, try to really live the place at most, taste all the food, try to talk to locals and to know that culture, this will make you a traveller rather than just a tourist!