Elisha Revell

Sales & Marketing Exectutive
Elisha 1
I was born in the North but moved to London to study English Literature at university. Alongside my unhealthy obsession with the Harry Potter books, I’m also passionate about travel. I love to be spontaneous with my excursions. I recently booked a ticket to New York and explored every inch of the city solo. Now, working for Hummingbird Travel, I’ve been exposed to the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and now all of my beloved city-breaks will forever be tainted with my thoughts of ‘but it’s not Sri Lanka’. But, thankfully, working in the sales and marketing department means that I get to drool over images of the Indian Ocean every day. And soon – hopefully VERY soon – I’ll experience the white sand, golden sun and sparkling sea first hand.
  • Last Visited: New York
  • Favourite Destination: Sri Lanka
  • Favourite Resort: Finolhu
  • Bucket List: Freediving with Whale Sharks
  • Insider Tip: Always take a good book
  • Contact me on: elisha@hummingbird.travel