The Maldives is one of the worlds most geographically dispersed nations with over 1,192 coral islands stretched across 90,000 square kilometers. This unique setting is the heart of Maldivian tourism, 112 hotels, each self-contained on its own island. The concept of one hotel, one island delivers the perfect heavenly getaway with unrivaled privacy and a wrap around view of the endless ocean that can only be found in the Maldives.


Republic of Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, 2000 kilometers from the east coast of the African continent. The country consists of two islands, Mauritius and Rodrigues along with two disputed outer islands. The nation’s tourism is entirely focused on the main island Mauritius. 


Rising out of the Indian Ocean the Seychelles are a stunning archipelago of islands situated between 4 & 10 degrees south of the equator in the Indian Ocean.

One of mother natures finest, the Seychelles is made up of 115 islands. 41 of which are the dramatically beautiful granitic Inner Islands and the remaining 74 Outer Islands are laced across picture postcard coraline atolls, complete with low-lying beaches and coral reefs.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the tear drop of India is a gem hiding in plain sight and has become as increasingly popular destination since the end of the civil war. Located just off the Equator the country offers a stunning range of geographical landscapes, with a variety of experiences from beach stays to wild life safaris.