Maldives Experiences

Experiences in the Maldives are unique to every island, resort and atoll. however, here at Hummingbird travel, we have a few favorites we think you must try
seaplane Excursion
Maldives , Maldives
Male City
Malè, Maldives

Seychelles Experiences

As one of the world’s most famous archipelago, of course the Seychelles offers its visitor any chance, from the beautiful Anse Lazio, to the pure Vallèe de Mai, to its stunning marine biodiversity, to make every day spent there a memorable one.
Cousin, Curieuse and St. Pierre (Praslin) , Seychelles
peaks of paradise I
full day praslin and la digue
Praslin and La Digue , Seychelles
Mahè, Seychelles

Mauritius Experiences

When surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, we tend to forget how beautiful simple tradition can be.

The little island of Mauritius, however, manages to make very visitor leave a piece of his heart in it, whether in the multcolored Chamrael fields or in the simple smile of its people

arts and crafts, II
Mahebourg, Mauritius
creole delights, I
Port Louis, Mauritius
mauritius on saddles
Chamarel, Mauritius
Le Morne, Mauritius

Sri Lanka Experiences

With its different landscapes, beautiful waters and incredibly rich history, Sri-Lanka can offer any vsitor an astonishing amount of alternatives in the search for the perfect memory
South and West Coast, Sri Lanka
sigiriya rck fortress
cultural triangle, Sri Lanka
white water rafting
Kitulgala, Sri Lanka
Yapahuwa, Sri Lanka