A great part of the tourism success in Maldives is its one island one resort concept.  The country is able to offer a level of exclusivity that is incomparable. These resorts are a slice of heaven with everything you could possibly desire from lavender scented pillows for the perfect sleep to chartering seaplanes to find the perfect wave, the opportunities are endless.

However for those discerning travellers who seeks more, we here at Hummingbird are proud say that we are the only DMC to tailor make luxury tours that lets your guests to really get to know the Maldives.

A typical tailor made luxury tour in Maldives will feature taking a private live aboard safari, a stay on a local island and a resort stay for an all-encompassing experience of the Maldives.

The live aboard safari is what makes this tour truly unique, the whole itinerary is tailor made to best suite the guest’s interests, be it diving, surfing, spa food and culture.

We have created itineraries for guests who seek a culinary experiences where they can learn how Maldivian tuna is smoked, how coconut oil is extracted and even go into local homes and learn how to cook unique Maldivian dishes using aged old local methods.

For the guest who wants to learn more about the Maldivian history we can organise tours to local heritage sites in the North or arrange meeting historians with private collections. With your own live aboard there is no place or aspect of Maldives that cannot be explored.

During the local island stay your guests get to experience the laid back, slow paced village life of Maldivians.  Some of these islands are home to only a few hundred people and there is a certain community spirit that can only be experienced by immersing oneself in it. It is especially fun to do this during a holiday such as an Eid or an Independence Day. The whole island comes alive, where ceremonies that are thousands of years old are still practiced and the streets are filled with local drummers and dancers and sometimes even an island wide water fight.

It is impossible to leave the Maldives without experiencing a resorts stay which it is famed for with all of its five star trimmings and we make sure that your guests are paired with the perfect one for them.