Painting with a Local Artist

We work with local artists in the Maldivian community to help promote their art and to help you learn new skills. We have a team of talented artists that you can work with, all with different styles and abilities. A canvas could be the perfect keepsake to take away.
  • Availability?

    All working hours of the day

  • What you should take?

    Just the essentials

  • When to go?

    All year round

  • Cost?


  • Type?

    Private experience

  • Weather?

    Suitable for all weather conditions

Available Settings


You can choose the location of the set-up for your live painting. And you can even choose to be in it, or not. The locations you can choose from include:

From the decks of a private yacht

Or from them the sandbanks of a pristine beach

Specific city locations

An underwater restaurant

And even from the lobby of your hotel