Abdulla Kaleem

Chief Technology Officer
Son of a fisherman turned techie from a small island in Laamu Atoll. I’ve inherited my fathers love for fishing and my mothers knowledge of numbers. I’m a techie, coffee enthusiastic and a foodie. Good food goes a long way.

I’ve spent half of my life indulging myself into science and technology. After more than 15 years in doing so, it never has failed to amuse, educate and empower me everytime. One of the best things about science and technology I must say, is that it is always evolving. There is something new to learn and to be excited about everyday.

When I’m not sitting behind a computer screen, most of my free time is spent on the sea. I deeply enjoy the bliss of being on the open sea. fishing, snorkeling and island hopping.

I hope to retire someday and embark on a journey to fish around the world and experience unique food cultures. For now I’m focused on revolutionizing the travel tech industry.
Wish me luck

  • Last Visited: Sunsiyam Olhuveli
  • Favourite Destination: Alphonse, Seychelles
  • Favourite Resort: Yet to find out
  • Bucket List: Sports Fishing in Seychelles
  • Insider Tip: Good food goes a long way