Abdullah Waheed

Born in Fuvahmulah ( a beautiful island located the south Maldives right after the Equator known as the most beautiful island in the Maldives..) grown up with the limited resource but lots of challenges, happiness and natural beauty that no one ever gonna miss out. Never had the plan to become a programmer but the technology & programming is kinda sickness that I’ve got addicted.  glad that finally, I am in the position which was never my dream of till a few years back after being over 15 years in the tourism industry. It feels so much like a family with the team I work with at Hummingbird
  • Last Visited: Mable Hotel, Male Favourite Place: Australia
  • Favourite Destination: Seychelles and Australia
  • Favourite Resort:  Bayantree, Seychelles
  • Bucket List: London