Kanishka Serasinhe


Assistant Manager for Operations

I was born in Sri Lanka and I live in Colombo. What I love to do is travelling around this magical island. Camping, Hiking and spend the nights near the ocean are my favorites. Hence after my studies I wanted to do inbound tourism. Step by step I learnt so many things and I met really good people related to this industry. As a result of that I realized that this is the best career path for my life. Now I’m getting experience and knowledge on hotels and excursions and also I’m exploring about the history and culture of this island. Actually I have a passion for travel
  • Last Visited: Kandy
  • Favourite Destination: South Coast
  • Favourite Resort: Ceylon Tea Trails
  • Bucket List: Get the diving licence, Go kitesurfing and Go Skydiving in Sri Lanka
  • Insider Tip: Travel, explore and collect memories
  • Contact me on: kanishka@hummingbird.travel