Zeenat Jhan

Senior Travel Consultant
Being a explorer since childhood, I have always been fascinated by new experiences. Born and raised in beautiful Kandy made me realise that my country has much more beautiful and attractive places to visit to. After a thorough soul searching, finally when I realised that my passion is for travel. I engaged my self with with so many adventurous activities such as camping, hiking etc and also the love for the beaches grew day by day. Travelling made me courageous, a free spirited person and a creative thinker. My passion for travelling led me to build a career through that.
  • Last Visited: Hill Country (Sri Lanka)
  • Favourite Destination: Maldives , Greece
  • Favourite Resort: Camellia Hills, Haritha Villas
  • Bucket List: Hot Air Ballooning,  Nil Diya Pokuna- Ella
  • Insider Tip: Love what you do