Experience the Maldives by Seaplane

Charter your own seaplane and fly over the garland of islands across the Maldives for the ultimate luxury excursion. Spot whale sharks and manta rays migrate whilst flying over the breaking waves. Take a detour and land on a beach to relax or go surfing. 


The possibilities are endless with a seaplane.

  • Availability?

    During daylight hours

  • What you should take?

    Pack a day bag, in case you want to go for a swim

  • When to go?

    All year round

  • Cost?


  • Type?

    Private charter

  • Weather?

    Subject to weather conditions

Available Excursions

A photography flight excursion for the perfect shot of the islands


Fly until you find the perfect wave, land the plane and surf it


Spot whale sharks or manta rays and swim with them


Fly to a private island and have lunch on a deserted beach