Malé City Tour

From a distance, Malé, the capital, looks like a floating city. It’s hard not to wonder how a third of the country’s population lives and thrives on such a diminutive island. We’ve created a tour that will give you the chance to drink in the spirit of the island, and get an insight into its culture and history.
  • Availability?

    During daylight hours

  • What you should take?

    The essentials

  • When to go?

    All year round

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  • Type?

    Walking tour

  • Weather?

    Subject to weather conditions

Available Tours

These tours can be personalised so you can request if there are particular areas you’d like to visit. Some activities include:


Walking around Republic Square


Visiting the Masjid al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam. This is famous for its enormous golden dome and the Friday Mosque, the oldest and one of the most ornate mosques in the Maldives


Visit to the National Museum where you can see a skeleton of a rare Longmans’ beaked whale


Visit to the local market and the fish market