Galle Fort Hotel


The Galle Fort Hotel is located in the centre of Galle Fort and consists of 11 suites which enhances Galle’s rich cultural values and history. This grand mansion has been an iconic building for many and it used to be a former gem merchants’ mansion, RAF barracks, a post office, bakery, lapidary and even a pitch for the fort’s juvenile cricketers.

The Galle Fort Hotel is quintessential Galle, a stunning, eclectic, eccentric gem of a place in the town that exerts a magnet appeal for history, culture and aesthetic values while combining luxurious attributes and delectable cuisine with highest standard of service excellence.

Luxury Property
Five Star
  • Destination

    Sri Lanka

  • Location


  • Suitable Options

    Couples and Families

  • Meal Plans


  • No. of Restaurants

    1 Restaurant

  • Number of Bars

    1 Bar

  • Number of Rooms

    11 Rooms

  • Transfer Type

    Car/ Van/ Bus/ Train


Galle Fort Hotel consists of 11 rooms which enhances Galle’s rich cultural values and history.

Overlooking the frangipani scented courtyard, four rooms on the down floor offers guests a peaceful and calming environment and easy access to the pool. The upper floor rooms have the pool view while Grand Apartment Room and Grand Apartment Suite allows guests to enjoy the view with a private veranda space.

The Library Suite and the Terrace Suite are the closest to the restaurant. All the rooms are designed to provide ultimate luxury and comfort.

Food & Beverage

Galle is known for its delicious lobsters, and gigantic prawns, but they also have the luxury of being able to choose from the widest variety of the freshest fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and seafood are readily available all year long, the lagoon crab curry is a signature dish definite to try on.

The menu is a literal voyage because it is based on the famous Spice Route, which was used by traders to go from Europe to the enigmatic countries of the East in quest of unique spices.

Every dish that travels aromatically from Galle Fort Hotels kitchen to the table also contains inspiration, the most priceless of ingredients. Every item on their menu has a little bit extra that they include with every meal.

Property Highlights


The Galle Fort Hotel is situated in an artful medley of tranquility, grandeur, and history. To wanderers who pursuit special heritage site it makes a great starting point. During the reconstruction, Portuguese trinkets were found under the courtyard which now features the pool. The windows and doors of the Dutch home and warehouse can be seen to date, then the British addition of a Regency top floor before it became the house of the glittering gem merchant family, the Maccan Markars. The Colonial Bar and the pool are among the many other significant features that captures the hearts of the guests.

Galle Fort Hotel received the award of which it is understandably most proud – the prestigious UNESCO Award of Distinction for Heritage Conservation which by all means preserves the splendor of historical adventures of the time.