Ulpotha is a Buddhist agricultural community in the jungle heartland of Sri Lanka, offering guests not only world class yoga but also traditional Ayurveda healing in an incomparably beautiful setting as close to nature as is humanly possible. This is the perfect escape for an emotional, spiritual or physical reset. Ulpotha is very much a traveller’s experience rather than a tourist’s, in the sense it’s a place to immerse one’s self in to allow its charms to slowly seep in. In other words, the longer the stay, the greater the benefit.
Standard Plus
Four Star
  • Destination

    Sri Lanka

  • Location


  • Island Size

  • Reef Type


  • Suitable Options

    Ayurveda / Yoga Clients

  • Meal Plans

    BB, HB, FB (Vegetarian meals only)

  • Number of Rooms

    11 Rooms (No AC)

  • No. of Restaurants

    1 Restaurant

  • Number of Bars

    0 Bars

  • Transfer Type

    Car, Van


There are 11 charming adobe guest huts in Ulpotha, all of which are built using traditional wattle and daub with comfortable beds, voluminous mosquito nets, cupboards, fresh water, towels and offer a sarong to wear and take home. Ulpotha adheres to the Sri Lankan village tradition of keeping toilet/loo spaces separate from living spaces. The enchanting showers are open to the stars and the toilets are comfortable and modern. All the huts at Ulpotha are allocated on a twin share basis.

Food & Beverage

The food in Ulpotha is almost entirely vegan, naturally gluten-free, with an abundance of fresh vegetables, organic red rice and tropical fruit. Based on traditional rice and curries from the area, no specific ‘Master Chef’ has had a hand in the cuisine. Instead the dishes served at Ulpotha have evolved over its 20 plus year existence by a simple process of elimination. Special diets cannot be catered for but it is fairly easy to pick and choose, from the many dishes served at each meal. As there is no electricity, all food is freshly picked, un-refrigerated, and cooked in
terracotta pots on open fires.


Most Ayurveda is known for – massages, oil applications, steam baths, saunas and herbal baths. Ulpotha has an exciting programme of Ayurveda treatments and, by the very definition of ‘holistic’, possesses the ideal climate and environment for the practice of this deeply therapeutic and traditional healing art. All Ayurveda treatments stem from a personal consultation, contain preparatory and elimination therapies.


Ulpotha is very much off the beaten track in the heart of Sri Lanka by a lakeside at the foot of the Galgiriyawa mountains. Geographically, it’s literally in the middle of country on a North-South axis and slightly to the West on an East-West one. In travel time it’s about 1 hour’s drive North from Kurunegala, or 2 hours Northwest from Kandy, and 3 hours Northeast from the airport.

Property Highlights

In what it offers, Ulpotha is both rare and real. There is no electricity or Wifi at Ulpotha. Internet connection is only possible on an unlocked smartphone with a Sri Lankan Dialog simcard.  Ayurveda retreat with world class ayurveda treatments and unique experiences are definitely the highlight. Furthermore, vegan meals and traditional foods are sensational.
Nuwani De Silva - Sri Lanka
Reservations Manager - Sri Lanka


One of the best Yoga retreats in Sri Lanka. It is an extremely unique place and concept. Truly the most amazing way to switch off from the outside world and all the noise. For anyone interested in a 'different' and memorable experience, Ulpotha is second to none!