Abdulla Zahir

Head of Contracting and Systems
My curiosity of traveling and seeing other places started at an early age as a result of being born and raised in the only one island atoll of the Maldives ā€“ Fuvahmulah. Despite our isolation, I always wanted to see more of Maldives and still never get tired of exploring this country. I have traveled to all the Atolls and most of the inhabited islands and had the privilege of visiting more than 75 resort islands and living in more than 20 of those. My experience of tourism in the Maldives spans over 20 years. When Iā€™m not checking the contracts and offers I love spending time with my 3 kids and watching football ā€“ especially when Liverpool FC is playing
  • Last Visited: OBLU Select Lobigili
  • Favourite Destination: Sri Lanka
  • Favourite Resort: Six Senses Laamu & Joali
  • Bucket List: Six Senses Zil Pasyon
  • Insider Tip: Maldives is an amazing place to visit throughout the year especially because we are blessed with sunny, warm weather all year round. That is not to say we don’t have our fair share of rainfall between May to October, but the fact that even on rainy days, it pours only for a few hours and is still very warm is such an important factor that’s often overlooked! We are indeed always sunny! šŸ™‚