Sarah Jones


Global Head of Reservations

Sarah, Sales Manager
Being half Sri Lankan myself I have always held an affinity with the Indian Ocean, and have made it my passion to always return to this area of the world. Growing up with family in the travel industry, travelling has always been a big part of my life. I decided to take it further by joining the travel industry myself, 4 years ago, and sharing my passion for travel. I also decided to travel extensively in South East Asia for 6 months where I was able to work for sometime in India for a childrens charity and explore the rest of the continent. It was also here I got my advanced dive certificate and so now my mission is to try to do this where ever I can.
  • Last Visited: Huvafen Fushi
  • Favourite Destination: Sri Lanka
  • Favourite Resort: Tea Trails, Sri Lanka
  • Bucket List: North Island – Seychelles
  • Insider Tip: Do not rush your holiday. It’s too easy to want to fit everything in, but you will not appreciate or enjoy the experience as much. Leave some things for your second holiday!