Jade Simons

Personal Assistant to Alex & Tom Chambers
Jade - PA to Alex & Tom Chambers
I am new to Hummingbird and the travel industry; however, I have always had a real love for travelling and spend as much time as I can exploring new places, my moto is never go to the same place twice, apart from maybe Glastonbury! If you know me you will know I am my happiest when I am basking in the sun, which is why I spend so much time chasing it, I even lived for a year in Qatar. I am yet to go the Maldives but from what I hear it is truly amazing.


  • Last Visited: St Lucia
  • Favourite Destination: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
  • Favourite Resort: VAKKARU <3
  • Bucket List: Tokoyo!!
  • Insider Tip: One week is never long enough, always 10 days!