Khadheeja Ghanee

Manager – Technology Products & Change Management

For as long as I can remember I have had my nose in a book, living other peoples’ lives and adventures. If nothing else, it has enriched my personal database with a lot of weird facts and knowledge that sometimes just accumulates dust sitting idle in my mind. But I read somewhere knowing a little bit of everything is better than knowing one thing very well.

And I am a believer of this. I want to know everything about everything. Being an over thinker it is not all that difficult because my brain automatically starts analyzing and collecting data as soon as it registers something. Sometimes the off button takes a lot longer than I want to work but hey, you win some, you lose some right?

  • Last Visited: Robinson Club Noonu
  • Favourite Destination: Australia
  • Favourite Resort: Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa
  • Bucket List: Hanifaru Bay & Tahiti
  • Insider Tip: If it is the rainy season, speedboat trips may be rough. And it might just rain out of nowhere. Bring a light raincoat.