Lora Tourliaridis

Senior Travel Consultant
Since I was little I grew up with the idea of traveling and with the passion of exploring. My family has been in the travel business, so naturally I developed an interest in this from an early age. Hummingbird has blessed me with the amazing opportunity to experience another part of the world which is considered “Heaven on Earth” and there is a reason for this :).  I consider myself absolutely lucky to have the chance to work this incredible job. The Indian Ocean has gathered some of the most incredible places on Earth and having the chance to learn everyday more and more about the destinations is an incredible reward, as nothing else can replace knowledge, especially in travel.
  • Last Visited: The Maldives and Greece
  • Favourite Destination: Greece ( Im Greek 🙂 ).
  • Favourite Resort: Niyama
  • Bucket List: Joali
  • Insider Tip: Wherever you go try and make friends with locals – if there is anyone that knows the place you are visiting – it is the people that live there and also ask for advice for restaurants ! Locals always know the best places to enjoy the local cuisine.