Milhana Ljaz

Account Executive
From admin work, to tourism service industry to hummingbird, I have been blessed to have built a career that has enriched me with experience and knowledge and gave me the chance to meet so many amazing people. I am a simple and ambitious person. I love sports, reading and I have to say I love food…. no regrets! I work in accounting, juggling numbers but luckily I have a whole load of work that’s beyond just numbers and I am always ready for anything. As a working mother of two and at time challenging, I am grateful that hummingbird has made the 8 years of my journey so joyful. I am fortunate to call Maldives my home, a slice of heaven on earth and out of all the beautiful islands I have visited one that is very close to my heart is Huvafenfushi. There is a certain beauty and charm to it that sets it apart. I believe anything is possible and the limit only exists in our mind. Looking forward for more success with the amazing team of hummingbird family
  • Favourite Destination: Maldives
  • Bucket List: Huvafenfushi