Via Lavender Talip

Travel Consultant
I am a person who loves and is magnetically attracted to the ocean and the sea. I was fortunate enough that I got the chance to stay and work in one of the DMC’s in the Maldives for a few years and explore some incredible resorts in this unique destination. In fact, I still take myself down memory lane back to the Maldives; waking up to the amazing blue skies, crystal clear turquoise waters, the waves softly crashing, the warm and soft sand in the island. Here at Hummingbird, I am honored to be part of the diverse team and excited to provide clients a broader picture of their trip and share my knowledge of the things I have experienced to help create the dream holidays possible.
  • Last Visited: W Maldives¬†
  • Favourite Destination: The Maldives
  • Favourite Resort: Joali Maldives
  • Bucket List: Seychelles & Mauritius
  • Insider Tip: If you are planning for a longer stay in the Maldives, you might wanna try a split stay in two different resorts, combination on beach villa & overwater villa, accessible with Speedboat and scenic Seaplane flights for unparalleled experience.