Would you be surprised to hear Mauritius was the third country in the world where golf was played after the United Kingdom and India?

The country’s long history with golf started in 1902, when the first Golf club (The Gymkhana Golf Club) was opened by the British Royal Navy members. This club is now the oldest golf club in the Southern Hemisphere and the fourth oldest golf course in the world.

It was island’s warm temperatures and it’s all year around good weather that brought the sport to its sunny shores and its exactly that, that makes Mauritius such a great golf holiday destination today.

Golf is now the top sports in Mauritius and one of the main attractions for visitors to the island. There is an astonishing number of golf courses dotted all over the island, ranging from basic 9-hole courses to world class championship 18-hole golf courses designed by some of the world’s leading golfers such as Ernie Els, Bernard Langer sprawls and David Leadbetter.

The golf courses in Mauritius are designed in such a way to examine the efficiency and accuracy of golfers. From bushes to bunkers and from water hazards to nails concealed by verdure foliage, the golf courses in Mauritius offers exciting experience in beautiful natural setting.

Tee off in the morning, have a dip in warm sea in the afternoon and sip some cocktails at sunset – it is the perfect holiday. Contact [email protected] for more information about Golf in Mauritius