Agents from Russia, Spain, Bulgaria and Austria took part in this Traveler Made FAM tour across Sri Lanka. First night was spent at the Wallawwa where everyone got to know each other over a bottle of Ceylon Arrack. Drove to the hill country with a stop over at Borderlands and checked into the Castlereagh bungalow for 2 nights. The tea experience with Bernard was really good. Everyone loved the service, the food and the tea trails bungalows.

The train journey to Ella was a really good highlight of the tour. We stayed over at Nine Skies bungalow and some of the agents hiked up to Little Adam’s Peak while a visit to the Nine Arch Bridge was also arranged. Everyone appreciated the fact that the places they were visiting were without crowds which was a far better experience than trying to squeeze through thousands of tourists. It was a popular notion that this is the best time to visit Sri Lanka, in order to avoid the crowds.

Then we stayed over at Chena Huts for a couple of nights and everyone was so lucky to have sighted a leopard, a bear and some elephants during an evening safari. The sloth bear was the highlight since it was spotted on top of a tree and then it climbed down and hung around for like 45 minutes.

The final night was spent at Cape Weligama before spending some time at the Galle Fort. Some departed the next day, while the others went about with their post tour journeys.

Some comments from the agents:

“I want to point out how impressed I was with Sri Lanka as a destination. I didn’t know much about the island prior to my travel and was stunned by the natural beauty, the cultural heritage, the friendliness of the locals and the vast variety of luxury accommodation.”

“Nothing really affected our trip as the vehicle was always full of petrol and we didn’t have to wait in the queues (which looked really long!). We also had the opportunity to drive past the protests in Colombo, which looked entirely peaceful.”