Dear Partners,


As we emerge from international lockdown and welcome our first visitors back to the Indian Ocean, we would like to inform you of some changes we have made to secure your funds and give you financial protection when dealing with Hummingbird.

We have created totally separate accounts for client and the associated supplier payments to pass through. These accounts are ring fenced and no other payments can go in or out. Any money that you pay to us is briefly held in these dedicated accounts, before being paid out to the hotel.

We believe financial protection and transparency will be an important part of the post-corona world. By implementing this new system, it means we cannot use your funds as cash flow for our business or for any payment other than to the hotel.

We would like to remind clients that we have made no redundancies in any of our offices worldwide and continue to operate our full services as we did before the pandemic.

We hope that helps to bring you peace of mind when dealing with us at a difficult time for the industry.


Hummingbird Team