Maldives is one of the few countries that span across the Equator. South of the 0 degree latitude lies two very special atolls in the Maldives, Fuvahmulah and Addu. These two out of the ordinary atolls in the deep south of Maldives offers unique geographical and historical value to any visit to this vibrant country. Fuvamulah is the only 1 island atoll in the Maldives and Addu’s Buddhist history and unrivalled underwater flora & fauna makes these a must visit in the Maldives.




Fuvamulah is 4.5km by 1.2km with a submerged reef extending over 3km, the island is the 2nd largest in the Maldives and unique in its formation. In the past the island was a small coral atoll like the rest of Maldives with a saltwater lagoon which was closed by a massive coral boulder. The lagoon was lost in time creating this large island with freshwater lakes, wetlands and well vegetated marshlands.

Maldivians themselves judge Fuvamulah to be the most beautiful island in the country and its varying landscapes makes exploring this island great fun, whether it be swimming (or fishing) in the freshwater lakes, hunting for water melons or visiting the local fish market to choose the daily catch. The long stretch of reef also means that this island sees some of the best swells for surfing on the popular Thundi Beach.

You can either fly to the domestic airport and stay in a guest houses or sail across the oceans on one of our trusted boats.



Exploring Addu

Addu is the southernmost atoll of the Maldives and is made up of 6 islands connected by a causeway. It is the largest landmass in the Maldives with a beach almost 8km long. This is a completely different Maldives to the one seen in brochures.

One can see ancient Buddhist ruins, fresh water lakes, enjoy bicycle rides between local villages, meet the friendly locals and get a glimpse of laid back Maldivian life. Addu Atoll also enjoys numerous sightings of whale sharks and dolphin and is the only atoll not to be affected by the global coral bleaching making it one of the best location for snorkelling with a great diversity of fish and coral varieties.

You can either fly to the domestic airport in Gan and stay in a resort or a guest house or sail south crossing the equator as you do on one of our liveaboards, one of the best ways to experience Maldives.