To our dear clients,

With the news that UK, European and many other countries cannot travel to the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Seychelles & Mauritius, we are all facing unprecedented challenges.

We must hope these measures taken by respective governments work and that we return to normality soon. Until then Hummingbird Travel, with the help of so many supportive partners are ready to help our clients get through this crisis together.

We are working with resorts to help reduce the immediate impact and they are showing maximum flexibility to ensure we get as many postponements, rather than cancellations as possible and this is our chief goal. We would also like to thank our fantastic clients. It has been extremely encouraging to see bookings still coming in from across the globe for later in the year and beyond. Life, business and holidays must go on and corona must and will be defeated soon.

Thoughts are with everyone in our industry, especially the teams in our destinations at the moment and we wish you all the very best over the next few months.

Best Wishes
Alex, Tom and the entire Hummingbird Team

What we are doing to minimise impact 
We have put together a Corona Updates Drive, which we will be updating with important and useful information.
To access it:

1) Go to
2) Request for permission
3) Wait for access, which will be granted ASAP

Please do pass on the link and instructions to any industry partners who might need our help.

Many of our clients maybe be nervous to go on holiday and we understand why they might be, so we are continuously  working with our hotels to remove cancellation fees for all our bookings. Visit our cancellation policy page on our Corona Updates Drive 

To help your business and our industry it is vital we encourage our clients to re-book their holidays. To help ease their worry we are working with our hotels to allow them to re-book for a later date at the same rate and with reduced cancellation policy. Email our reservations team for more help

Nothing is certain at the moment but we want to give our clients something to look forward to. We are putting together special offers and reduced cancellation policies in place for all new bookings from August onwards and going into Festive 2020/2021. Checkout our online booking engine for offers 

Understandbly our clients are worried about this sudden change to their holiday. Our ground team have been working tirelessly to get them safely back and reassuring them that they are not alone. We are happy to help any of your clients on the ground even if it was not booked though Hummingbird. Just reach out to us.

The situation is fluid and moving fast and we want to make sure that our clients have the most accurate and most factual information. We are updating our Covid 19 Updates  page daily and our team is here to answer any of your questions. Further to this our Covid Updates Drive will be at your disposal.

Looking Into The Future…


We don’t how long this will last for but we can only hope it passes soon. Once we have all dealt with the immediate fall out, we will find ourselves in a lull. Our sales and marketing team are coming up with some exciting things to help you get ready for selling when the business comes back, and it will come back!



  • Training Webinars and virtual fams – There are so many new properties to see and get to know in our destinations and as we cannot travel out to see them we will be bringing them to you.
  • Marketing Help – We are working with the hotels to give us new offers and to build up a marketing fund to help you push the hotels when the times is right.
    Special Offers – We are putting together some extra special offers exclusive to us to help you get the business back quickly